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You may wake up and immediately want that coffee, but you should actually drink water first thing in the morning to help boost your metabolism, and help with digestion. 

I have to start my morning, with a nice warm cup of coffee. While I tend to get tired with lots of other foods, coffee is the one thing I never seem to get tired of.

I try to support local coffee shops are much as I can. But being able to support local businesses can be hard sometimes depending on where you shop.

Well soon, you can get local coffee at Walmart if you’re in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte-based coffee roaster Pure Intentions just announced they have partnered with Walmart. they will soon be selling their coffee in 37 Walmart Stores across North and South Carolina, as well as 31 stores in Georgia, according to WCNC. 


The two flavors you’ll be able to find at Walmart stores are Porchlight Medium Roast, and Twilight Dark Roast. 

You may have already heard of Pure Intentions. They are already selling their products in some other stores like Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter.

It’s always cool to see local businesses succeeding, especially after such a hard last few years! Congrats to Pure Intentions!

Where’s your favorite coffee in Charlotte?


South Carolina Town Looks "Straight Out Of Europe"

You don’t have to fly to Europe to experience its beauty. It seems like everyone I know has been in Europe these past few months. However, that trip is not in my budget these days! But the good news is you can still get the look and feel of several European cities and regions right here in the United States. And no, I’m not telling you to visit Paris, TX, or Rome, GA. Though I’m sure they are wonderful places to visit. We can do more than just a name! In fact, you don’t have to travel far at all. One South Carolina town is featured on House Beautiful‘s list of towns Straight Out Of Europe.

Even as someone who hasn’t visited Europe it’s obvious even through photos how much more beauty and culture is in the architecture and towns. This is obviously due to the rich history of the cities and countries. The charm is quaint and iconic and even when relocating many immigrants chose to bring the style of their homeland with them. We are very lucky to have towns all across the county with influences from places like England, Spain, Italy, Poland, The Netherlands, France, Greece, Germany, and more.

Even if you’re idea of a vacation leaves you stuck in the country you can still revel in the European style. (And get that perfect Instagram photo). You can even make the quick drive to South Carolina to feel like you’re in Europe. Keep reading to see the 35 towns and cities featured on House Beautiful‘s list.