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A male stripper revealed the sex question women always ask him according to the  NY Post.

With a face that gets him mistaken for “Magic Mike” star Channing Tatum, it’s no surprise that stripper Will Parfitt is successful in his career. His uncanny resemblance to the actor has definitely helped him get millions of followers on social media. Thanks to that, now he’s Australia’s most-requested male entertainer.

Will has been performing since 2015 and he’s co-owner of Magic Men, a male entertainment agency and male strip show. He’s seen just about everything. And he says there’s one sex question women always ask the male performers. “How do you not get turned on onstage?” But he says every guy he’s ever performed with has the same answer: “We just don’t think of it.” According to Will, when they’re up on stage and their adrenaline is going, sex is actually the last thing on their minds.

“Even though you’re doing sexual movements or you’re grinding on the girls, you’re not in that mind frame,” he explains. “You don’t think of it as sexual. Because it’s like, I guess, dancing on stage – so you’re just thinking about your choreography.” Will admits that women in the audience sometimes get handsy with performers and some even ask him to perform “other services” after a show, especially at private events. But he’s strictly a professional and tells them, “No, I’m just a performer.

Hmmm… The more ya know!