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How does Amazon deliver to the “Frying Pan” 32 miles off the coast of North Carolina? They do it through a vast network of routes and delivery trucks, and a helicopter!

The tower was built by the US Coast Guard in 1964, and stands 135 feet above the ocean. It’s one of the most remote spots that Amazon delivers to according to the company.

So when someone working on the Frying Pan needs something they do what any of us would do… Log onto Amazon and order it.

When someone on the tower clicks “Buy Now” on welding accessories, an Amazon employee working at a fulfillment center in Raleigh packages the order. It travels via line-haul truck to a Raleigh sort center, where Amazon employees sort the packages by ZIP code.

“Deliveries for Frying Pan Tower start in Raleigh—nearly three hours northwest of the coast. We have a team of employees working behind the scenes every day to prepare packages for the final mile of delivery,” said Tri Nguyen, Raleigh sort center operations manager.

So how does it go from land to sea? One of Amazon’s third-party carriers picks them up and delivers them to the Cape Fear Regional Jetport in Oak Island. As the last leg of the delivery, helicopter pilot Willis Tew packs the “Frying Pan” packages at the airport and delivers them directly to the Tower’s landing platform.

Seems pretty simple to me! Maybe this would be a great time for Amazon to try their drone delivery service we heard so much about!