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In some not so exciting local news, one of Charlotte’s most popular food halls is going to start charging for parking.

Optimist Hall just celebrated their 3-year anniversary a few weeks ago, and on the back end of that, they have made an announcement that has some locals upset.

What is Optimist Hall?

First off, if you haven’t been to Optimist Hall, it is a food hall with lots of different vendors. Not only do they have food vendors, but also some retail vendors as well. My friends and I used to go there quite a bit, as it’s the perfect place to go if your group can’t decide on what to eat. At Optimist Hall; everyone can choose a different type of food, and still get to eat together.

It’s also been quite crazy to see Optimist Hall grow. I remember when they first opened, there were only a few vendors in it, and it’s become quite packed now. It’s even hard to find tables inside during rush hours now.

Charging for Parking

Optimist Hall just posted on their Instagram page this week, making an announcement that they will soon start charging for parking.

Before you get too stressed, the first hour and a half are free. So for those who are just visiting to get a quick bite, you’re good. But for others, who choose to work from there, or spend a prolonger amount of time in the foodhall, you will have to pay for parking.

Rates are as follows:

  • $0 – 0-1.5 Hours
  • $5 – 1.5-3 Hours
  • $18 – 3-24 Hours

I remember when it was COVID, they had tried banning computers in the food hall, to avoid people working from their. Not sure how well that was held up. I can guarantee though, none of my friends will want to spend more than 3 hours there now, especially if it will cost them $18.

I understand we live in a city, and things like this will inevitably happen, but it is definitely a bummer, especially when inflation is already attacking our pocket books.