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Oh hell yes! Let me dig in the closet and break out my old pageant shoes! This week the pageant world got shaken up with some exciting news!

According to Insider, an international pageant is about to become more inclusive. For the first time in its history, Miss Universe is going to allow married women and moms to compete. The new rules will go into effect for the 72nd Miss Universe pageant in 2023.

Previously, only women between 18 and 28 who had never been married and had no kids were allowed to compete. And while the age bracket will remain the same, a new internal memo that just went out to national pageant directors and was obtained by “The National” confirms the rule change. “We believe that all women should have agency over their lives and that a human’s personal decisions should not be a barrier to their success,” it reads.

Andrea Meza, who was crowned Miss Universe 2020, says it’s “about time” the rule changed and pageants opened up to women with families. “There are a lot of women that got married young or had kids in their early 20s and they always wanted to participate in Miss Universe but couldn’t because of the rules,” she says. “I think it’s inspiring seeing someone that is just like you participating and winning and seeing their lives change.”

If only they extended that age bracket, I might have had a chance at the crown again! I competed at Miss USA in 2008 as Miss Pennsylvania USA and placed in the top 5! If they get rid of the age bracket next … I’m all in!

Source: Insider

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