Apartments: 12,836

It was once so iconic and a cool place to go and this week it was sold to the highest bidder, as a matter of fact, the only bidder.  Charlotte’s Epicentre reportedly sold for 95 million bucks.

There was so much promise and excitement when the Epicentre first opened.  We even had studios down there and I would do my midday show live every Friday. It was easy access to the Spectrum center and great for broadcasting when there were shows there.  Alas, all that is in the past for now. But who knows it may rise from the ashes even bigger and better!

According to Channel 9 there were around a dozen bidders at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse but only one stepped up for the starting bid of $92 million.  That bidder is Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas coughed up the dough.  No word on what they are planning to do with it.  For more details , check them out from my source, WSOCTV.