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Walking does all kinds of wonderful things for our bodies and now we can add another one to the list. According to Today, a quick stroll after eating a meal can make a big difference for your health, according to new research. A review of seven studies finds that walking just two to five minutes after a meal can help prevent a big blood sugar spike.

The new analysis looked at previous studies that measured how interrupting prolonged sitting with frequent standing and light walking breaks affected cardiometabolic health. Researchers found that both standing and light-intensity walking improved blood sugar metabolism after eating compared with sitting after eating. But study authors point out that a short walk was the “superior physical activity break.”

Lisa Young, a registered dietitian nutritionist, says walking after meals is a simple habit people can add to their routine to be healthier. If you can only do it after one meal, she advises doing it after dinner, when people tend to be the least active. “People get overwhelmed because they think healthy living is so complicated,” she explains. “But every little step helps: sleeping regularly, managing stress, walking, eating more vegetables – it is all part of the puzzle.”

Source: Today

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