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Drama is usually reserved for girls’ trips. No, that is not me being sexist; it has just been my experience with my friend’s verses when my husband goes on guys’ trips.

Well, now it’s my work husband’s turn. Maney told us last week that he was off to a boy’s trip in New Jersey with a bunch of guys who have all been best friends since they were in middle and high school. Well, although Maney had a fantastic time, this trip did not conclude without some drama.

While the seven guys were having a great time betting at the horse race track and catching up by the pool, there were social media onlookers that were upset that they did not get an invite.

Apparently, one of the guys posted a photo montage that made others jealous, and now there is a text message war brewing. I am sure these guys can work it out, especially since there are 30 years of friendship between them, and I am sure the guys who were left out just want an apology.

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