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If you’re one of those people that just loves to sleep, this may be the dream job for you.

Casper mattress just announced a position that many might consider a dream job. Casper recently announced it’s looking to hire three people as professional “Sleepers.”

According to the job posting on the Casper website, job recipients will be paid $25 an hour to sleep in Casper’s stores and in “unexpected settings out in the world.” When they’re not sleeping, they’ll be tasked with making TikTok-style content to post on Casper’s social media accounts. So I guess there is a bit of talent you need other than just sleeping.

The gig lasts a month but the new hires will have the potential to keep working with the company in other ways after the experiment is over. Some of the quality’s the company is looking for to fill the role are, “exceptional sleeping ability” and “a desire to sleep as much as possible,

As if this job posting couldn’t be any more appealing, it also says that sleepers get to come to work in their pajamas and will take home some free Casper products as well.

So send this job posting to all your friends who are extra talented at sleeping!


Applicants can visit the Casper website, and the deadline to apply is August 11th.