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We love DM Drama!

We share our entire lives with you all, so when you share with us, it makes us feel better like were not alone! This week we got a message from anonymous where someone wanted to know if they are an accidental peeping tom?

The Dm-er said “I’m a long-time fan of the show and can’t tell you all how much I love listening every morning.

So I’m emailing you this morning because I have new neighbors and they are renovating their house. They took all the curtains down and maybe they don’t realize it but they keep parading around naked in front of their bedroom window at night.

The window from my kitchen faces their bedroom window, so I see everything. My wife keeps calling me a Peeping Tom but am I? Am I a Peeping Tom if they’re the ones who won’t put up curtains or blinds and parade around in the nude all night long?

Just wanted to get your opinion.”

Well, of course, we gave him some advice. Maney even said he has been in this position before (shocker – insert eye roll here).

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