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Apple has announced a major overhaul to your iPhone, with iOS 16 introducing a whole new look and function to your lock screen.

These days most people can’t survive without their phones for five minutes, and many of us rely on apps to get us through our day. In fact, according to Business Insiderapps are so important to people that there are some folks who simply can’t live without them.

A new survey finds:

  • 27% of Americans say they have over 30 apps on their phone.
  • But just because they have them doesn’t mean they use them.
  • Over half of folks say they pretty much use ten or less of the apps on their phones.
  • Not surprising, social media, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, are among the most popular apps on Americans’ phones.
  • 45% of users say they couldn’t live without their social media apps, with the number higher for folks in Gen Z.
  • And people have become so dependent on apps that 47% admit they spend more time on apps than on the Internet.
  • Over half use apps for business purposes.
  • But regardless of how important they are, don’t expect people to shell out money for them.
  • 39% of people say they would not pay money for an app.

Source: Business Insider

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