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Penguins have a gland near the base of its tail that provides waterproof oil. This oil helps coat their feathers and keep them warm. Penguins spend several hours a day spreading this oil especially before swimming to stay warm.

Usually uninvited guests at a wedding would cause a big issue, but this penguin did just the opposite.

Angela’s Premier Events, shared a video to their Tik Tok that has quickly gone viral. It shows a couple who is getting married at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens. While they are walking the grounds of the zoo, they were greeted by a surprising wedding guest; a penguin.

According to Newsweek, and the owners of the event company, the couple had their first date at the Zoo, so having their wedding their was extra special.

I’m not going to lie, I love this idea. First of all, how cool would it be to go to a wedding at a zoo? And the little penguin is so cute waddling over to the bride to say hello in the video,  it almost makes me want to get married at a Zoo! This bride will definitely have one of the most unique wedding moment stories of all time.


Alabama Rush 2022 Has Begun And TikTok Is Loving It

It was the reality show no one knew they needed last August. Millions of TikTok users found themselves immersed in what became known as Bama Rush Tok or #bamarush. (Click that link if you need a refresher on Season 1). I have no idea why that first video came across my for you page, but let me tell you I was hooked! I spent my college years in a sorority at a major university in North Carolina, though it’s not SEC. And while rush was stressful and semi intense it’s nothing like what these girls go through at Alabama. Bama Rush became an overnight phenomenon with people looking forward to Alabama Rush 2022 and the TikTok videos that come along with it.

This week is work week which is when the sororities practice for the main event. It’s full of long days, but at least the Alabama work week has fun themes! We on the other hand did not. I feel cheated actually. But I’m thrilled I can live vicariously through these girls and their fun. College goes by so fast so I’m glad they are enjoying it and living life to the fullest! While the below videos may be culture shock if you don’t have experience with Greek life, southern culture, or just super girly trends. It’s still fun. Rush can be extremely stressful for the girls rushing so it’s not all these highlight reels. But it can be worth it!

So here’s to room tours, what’s in my bag, #ootds, bid day, and rooting for these girls. I can’t wait to see the latest trends from Pants Store, I Just Have To Have It, Kendra Scott, and a whole new collection of “normal” jewelry. Cheers to Alabama Rush TikTok 2022. And check back often for updates!