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I can’t believe we’re already into August, and back to school shopping is starting up again. It feels like just yesterday Summer was starting, and now it is starting to come to an end. Well, the heat is not coming to an end, but the Summer break is.

It’s no secret that a new school year comes with a lot of planning, and prepping. Back to school shopping is a huge deal, and with everything being more expensive, you can guarantee that back to school shopping will be more expensive this year too.

A new survey by Deloitte revealed that the average parent will spend $661 per child on their back-to-school shopping.

That’s a lot of money, but if you have multiple kids, you can see how that number can grow quickly. Obviously kids going to college are going to need more and be more expensive too!

It seems that parents are mostly expecting the increase though. The same survey found that 37% of parents expect to map more this year for back to school supplies.


I remember when I was a kid, going to staples or Office Depot, and getting new school supplies was so much fun. It was a moment to get organized and decide your esthetic for the year when it came to binders and color coordination.

With everything being more expensive this year though, all additional costs are going to hurt households. Hopefully this info can help you plan accordingly though.