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It’s been about a week since we heard the very sad news that Choco Taco’s were being discontinued.

While they weren’t a treat I ate a ton of, I did always choose Choco Taco’s when I was on road trips, and wanted a sweet treat. Now, the option to pick a Choco Taco is no longer their as their parent company, Klondike, announced they will no longer make them.

But fear not if you are a Choco Taco lover like me! Believe it or not, you can make them at home, and the recipe isn’t all that difficult!

Something tells me that these will taste a little too fresh. If you’ve ever had the Choco Taco, you know it has a very distinct taste, that I just don’t know if you’ll eve be able to recreate!

Nonetheless, I will probably be trying these when I am craving Choco Tacos from now on.

This North Carolina City Ranks As One Of The Most Stressed

Stress is inevitable. Everyone is going to deal with stress at some point in their lives. Or even their day.ย  It’s how you deal with it that makes the biggest difference. And the last few years have been full of stress and anxiety for many people. Whether it’s trying to avoid Covid, working, rising prices due to inflation, or the war in Ukraine, some days I feel like I’m the most stressed than I have been on any day in my life. That might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but gosh don’t we all need a break?

But where you live can have an impact on your stress. Whether that it’s the policies, the availability of jobs, safety, etc. So where should you live to set yourself up for the least amount of stress possible? Well, WalletHub is here to help.ย  WalletHub compared more than 180 cities across 40 key metrics to determine the cities where Americans cope with stress best. The data set includes things like average weekly work hours to the unemployment rate to divorce and suicide rates. Using this data they ranked the largest cities in the US from most stressed to least stressed. Both of the Carolina’s actually faired pretty well. One NC city made the top 25 stressed, but the others were farther down.

Keep reading to see the top 25 most stressed cities and where the major North and South Carolina cities ranked.

View the full study here