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Standing where Camden Rd and Tremont Ave meet you will find this great view of Uptown.

If you’ve spent much time in South End in Charlotte, you’ve probably recognized a sweet smell in the air.

Every few hours a day in South End, and particularly in the afternoon from my personal experience, South End will be filled with the smell of Honey Buns; and it’s no coincidence either!

If you didn’t know, the Carolina Foods factory, which makes Honey Buns, is located in the Wilmore neighborhood in South End.

Carolina Foods has been in this location since 1934. The company makes honey buns, donuts, pies and a host of other sweet treats under the Duchess brand and other labels.

They announced this week that they will officially be moving.

The new factory is being built right now in Pineville, NC. They will be moving into a 423,000-square-foot facility at 12031 Carolina Logistics Drive, according to

While I know this is probably a great thing for the company, as the new space will be much more updated, and larger, it does make me sad a bit. I always loved the fact that every once in awhile, while walking through South End, you would smell Honey Buns. It has always been one of the most endearing parts about a neighborhood, that has been completely renovated in the last 7 years.

So soak up all those sweet smells while they last in South End!

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