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LVIV, UKRAINE - MAY 06: Oksana Balandina is assisted out of her wheelchair by her husband, Viktor Vasyliv, in her hospital room on May 06, 2022 in Lviv, Ukraine. Oksana lost both legs and four fingers from her left hand when she stepped on a mine while walking in her hometown of Lysychansk, in the eastern Luhansk region, in March. While recovering from surgery here in Lviv, she married her partner, Viktor Vasyliv, in a hospital-room ceremony. (Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

It’s about time we see some news like this.

A new accessible furniture line is now available at one of biggest furniture retailers.

We can sometimes not think about the daily struggles of others because we don’t face those same struggles ourselves. When I first saw this story, I thought, “OF COURSE! Why haven’t I seen more stuff like this?” So many people in our community live with different disabilities. It makes sense that there should be nice furniture and things available to those with disabilities.

Pottery Barn just launched a new line of furniture, which has a focus on being accessible to those with disabilities. According to, “The Accessible Home” collection includes bestselling pieces from Pottery Barn’s regular lineup that have been tweaked to be more accessible.

The line includes items like,

  • Chairs with a lift function
  • Tables, and desks that are appropriate sizes and heights for wheelchairs.
  • Grab bars
  • Non-slip rugs
  • Adjustable beds
  • Mirrors that pivot and move to change heights

The collection contains more than 160 pieces. This is the first time we’ve ever seen a luxury home retailer do something like this, and I think it is amazing!

Companies more than ever need to embrace ALL people when they make their products! Good for Pottery Barn!