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Coming out of the pandemic, we’re seeing lots of different affects on people, and their health.

One that you may not have thought about, but definitely should is your eye health. It’s become a daily habit, and now more than ever to look at screens. We’re doing it in our free time; watching movies and scrolling on social media. And we’re also doing it at work. I look at multiple screens all day long for my job.

According to WBTV, several eye doctors have found that more screen usage during the pandemic had led to more complaints about eyes, eye strains, and headaches. In fact, the complaints have doubled.

I’ve noticed personally I’ve been struggling more recently with screen time affecting my eyes, and I’ve gone so far as to buy a few pairs of blue light glasses.

Dr. Moore, an optometrist who works in uptown Charlotte, shared these tips with WBTV as ways to help protect your eyes.

  1.  Block blue light from your screens by wearing protective glasses
  2. Change your screen settings to block blue light
  3. Get your eyes checked
  4. If you have a prescription, make sure it’s still the best level for you.

We sometimes don’t think about the the impact of our social habits on our eyes, but with a new generation of kids growing up looking at screens, it’s definitely something to think about!

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