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Have you seen the video of golf ball getting struck by lightning at Top Golf?

Have you ever been to a Top Golf? It’s the coolest experience. You can play golf under the cover from weather. It’s basically a covered driving range with booze and food.

Well, the craziest thing happened at a Top Golf in San Antonio last year.

18-year-old Tomas Gomez was hitting golf balls with his brother, sister and some friends while a big thunderstorm was in the area.

They were apparently hitting balls from a ground-level bay, when Gomez launched a ball that, while in mid-flight, got struck by a bolt of lightning.

That really happened. This video has just gone viral. Check it out in the Instagram post below.

Gomez’s friend Arlette Ibarra was shooting video on her phone and captured the amazingly rare moment.

“I was just glad that it [lightning] hit the ball instead of me,” Gomez told

A visibly stunned Gomez falls back a bit before catching his balance. The Daily Mail reports that Topgolf didn’t clear the facility but did ask that everyone go inside.

Unfazed, Gomez said: “I will definitely be back as soon as I can.”

I don’t mess with lighting. When I lived in Tucson, I was on the porch and a bolt landed so close I could feel the heat. F that hahaha! I head in doors when those electric bolts drop out from the sky!

Or you can just go to top golf and watch your ball explode!