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In case it wasn’t feeling enough like a Monday, we ended our Monday with some pretty upsetting news; Choco Tacos will be no more.

As a child, I remember always BEGGING my parents to let me have a Choco Taco’s when we would stop at gas stations on long road trips. I actually even remember when they used to sell them at Taco Bell.

While I haven’t had a Choco Taco in awhile, it would still be my choice of ice cream if I were picking out of a gas station freezer. Not anymore though!

Klondike announced on Monday afternoon that they will no longer make Choco Taco’s.

Choco Taco’s have been around since 1984, so it’s pretty hard to believe they’ll be gone. I hope I’ll be able to find one before they all sell out at store. Although judging by people’s overwhelmingly sad response, I bet a lot of people will be buying them up right now so I’m sure they will be very hard to find.

I hope someday when things aren’t as wild in the world, and inflation isn’t ruining everything that they will bring back the legendary Choco Taco!