Talk about a big catch! Two South Carolina fishermen caught and released a recording-breaking-sized hammerhead shark this week. This hammerhead is the heaviest ever recorded in the state of South Carolina. Talk about beware of the sharks!

IB Times reports that the nearly 1,000 pounds and over 13 ft. long shark took the state record. The incident was tagged by Outcast boat charter captain Chip Michalove in a Twitter post. The hammerhead was caught by angler Pete Quartuccio and his angler friend out in the water. Michalove says that the men were too tired from the catch to even get a photo op. Michalove was able to capture just one photo before releasing the giant back into the water.

On average, a hammerhead shark can weigh about 500 pounds and is about 13 ft long. This record-breaking shark was about double the average size of a hammerhead. The heaviest hammerhead reported was in 2006 in Florida and took almost six hours to get dragged in. Talk about a beast!

Source: International Business Times