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(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for STARZ)

Velveeta is unveiling its latest creation and it’s got a kick. A Charlotte restaurant was selected as a spot for the Velveeta Martini.

A new martini-inspired cocktail known as a “Veltini” will be available at select BLT Restaurant Group locations. Spots like New York, Washington, DC, and here at BLT  inside the Ritz Carlton.

According to Food & Wine , the drink contains cheese-infused vodka, a garnish skewer of Velveeta-stuffed olives and shells. All rimmed with cheese sauce. The Veltini will retail for $15 during a special “golden hour” at each steakhouse location.

The Senior Vice President of BLT described it as a “delicious, over-the-top cocktail.” The reaction of Twitter users, on the other hand, seems to be as strong as the drink itself.

If you’re not near a location selling the concoction, you can get a Veltini kit to make it yourself through Goldbelly. The kit includes two martini glasses, a gold cocktail shaker, two Velveeta coasters, a jar of olives, cocktail picks, a box of Velveeta Jumbo Shells & Cheese, Velveeta cheese sauce for infusing the vodka and garnishing the rim, a Velveeta brick for stuffing the olives, and a Velveeta Veltini recipe card.