Polo Ortega prints out a Mega Millions lottery ticket June 23, 2005 in San Francisco, California.

Check your tickets! You just might be the state’s newest millionaire. Someone in North Carolina has the winning lottery ticket for the recent Mega Millions drawing. The ticket has the correct five numbers to win the Mega Millions second prize, according to CBS17.

The winning ticket is worth $1 million! CBS17 reports that the winning ticket was sold at Lake Wylie Mini Mart on Union Road in Gastonia. If you purchased a ticket there recently, you may want to double-check. There were two other winning tickets in North Carolina. Three more lucky winners won $30,000 for two tickets and $10,000 for the other ticket, said officials.

The additional winning tickets were sold at:

  • $30,000 ticket sold at the Speedway on South Glenburnie Road in New Bern
  • $30,000 ticket sold at the Murphy Express on Brightleaf Road in Smithfield
  • $10,000 ticket purchased through the lottery’s Online Play program from someone in Pitt County

If you think you might be a winner, check the winning numbers online now.

Source: CBS17