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If you’re planning to fly somewhere soon, there’s even more bad news we have to share.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’ve heard so many negative experiences about flying this year. From my close friends, and family, to just people complaining online; it’s been a hard year for airlines.

Staffing shortages have hit airlines and passengers hard. Flights have been moved, delayed, and worst case scenario cancelled a lot.

We’ve heard about airlines having a hard time finding pilots, and even flight attendants, but the staffing shortages are even worse than you might have thought.

According to WCNC, a shortage in airline workers at the airports is also causing a massive backup with luggage. The biggest issue being people returning to America from their European vacations.

I’ve noticed so many of my friends traveling abroad this year. I just figured it was because the bought tickets in COVID and are finally able to use them. Now how they’re affording them, baffles me, but I digress.

According to WCNC, the problem is so bad, that some airports in Europe are actually asking airlines to limit their ticket sales to keep flights smaller.

So, if you are traveling this Summer, or anytime soon, you may want to try to avoid checking a bag. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid having my luggage be lost, but I can image that would be an awful way to start off a vacation or end one.

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