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Who would have thought that some broken crayons could do so much?

I love that the Charlotte community is constantly finding ways to reuse, and recycle. This might be the most colorful one yet!

Students at UNC Charlotte are giving back. The SDG Club at the University, (which stands for Sustainable Development Goals), has started a colorful new project. According to WCNC, their latest initiative is called, The Crayon Project.

They are collecting used crayons from local restaurants in the Charlotte area, then melting them down, and reforming them into brand new crayons.

Not only is this project sustainable, but it is also saving restaurants from throwing away a ton of crayons! Once the new crayons are made, the group then takes them, and donates them to kindergarten classes in the area.

Check out how the process is done through this Tik Tok video:


Welcome to the crayon project! 🖍 Thank you to everyone that made this possible! We can’t wait to do it all again next summer! #sdgs #sdg13

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I love this idea! And I love even more that college students are finding proactive ways to not only be more sustainable, but also to help out younger students! Way to go!

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