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Between being the soccer practice chauffeur, Band-Aid applier, short order cook and everything else moms do, it’s easy for their own wants, needs and desires to get lost in the shuffle. And in the process, many moms end up feeling pretty much the opposite of sexy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Moms reveal what makes them feel sexy right now with Cafe Mom. 

  • “Lifting heavy weights makes me feel like a bad-ass, especially when I’m lifting heavier than the guys next to me in the gym. Feeling bad-ass and feeling strong makes me feel confident in my own skin, and that feeling leads me to feeling sexy.”
  • “I’ve put on about 15-20 pounds since the pandemic and I’m honestly liking it. I feel thicker and more womanly with a bit more booty and curves. It was also a good excuse to buy some new lingerie, which is never a bad idea for me and my husband!”
  • “Edibles. I think relaxation is a big part of it. It can help shut my brain off to everything else. It is my version of a nightcap and getting relaxed makes me feel more open to having sex. And the THC makes sex mind blowing, so there’s that too.”
  • “After FINALLY weaning my last baby (hello, I’ve had three babies in five years. I’ve been nursing for basically half a decade), I replaced all my old bras. I feel like I am remembering how to be sexy again and having some bras that are NOT for nursing is a good reminder that my boobs don’t belong to my kids.”
  • “I feel sexy when I include workout time into my day. Overall, it makes me more energetic. I feel stronger, more balanced, and more flexible in all aspects (physically, decision-making, changes, etc.). I also feel more alert and playful.”
  • “Sleep is sexy. LOL. Honestly, getting more sleep helps with all kinds of things, including feeling more open to having sex.”
  • “I will never, ever, ever show anyone this, but I feel sexy when I write dirty fan fiction”
  • “When I want to feel sexier, I start by trying to be sensual first. I mean that in the literal sense. I try to tap into all my senses and try to pay attention to the things around me that feel, taste, or smell good to my body. Fresh sheets on freshly shaven legs, a really good cocktail, swinging in my hammock.”