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Having your kid go to the hospital and get stitches is probably every mom’s worst nightmare, but what about if it all happened without you knowing!?

That’s what happened to our poor LauRen. The Maney & LauRen Show was on vacation for the week of the 4th of July, and LauRen’s vacation included her going to Italy to visit her former Aupair Elena, so she took an extra few days off. Before she left for vacation, she emphasized to her husband not to bother her with the small things. She wanted her first mom’s week away, so she didn’t want to know about every meltdown or hardship because mom guilt is such a real thing!

The story starts out good because luckily for her, her husband respected this and handled everything by himself. All was fine and dandy until LauRen finds out on her last day of vacation that her youngest son, Jaxson, got stitches…in his head! Once she talked to her husband, it had been twelve hours since he went to the hospital and got his stitches.

We know what you’re thinking…LauRen told Dallas not to bother her with the little things. Well…her one exception was the hospital! That is not a little thing! Dallas was just trying to let her enjoy the end of her vacation, but when all was said and done LauRen still would have liked to know about it!

Watch the story unfold below:

Turns out LauRen isn’t alone in this. We had listeners text in talking about when dad kept things from mom. Jaxson ended up getting a few stitches in his head but was a complete trooper about it. I mean, just look at that face!

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