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The grass in my backyard was almost completely brown most of the month of June. It finally perked back up after consecutive days of rain and I was able to cut it last  weekend.  As I was mowing I noticed a couple of tiny ant hills but nothing too out of the ordinary.  When I got home from work yesterday, I fed my dog Zoe and then we went outside and played for about an hour.  Towards the end of playtime, she started pawing and pouncing in random parts of the yard.  This was while we were playing fetch with her favorite ball which she rarely ignores.  It was as if her ball didn’t exist so I knew something was weird.  As I was walking towards the area I was expecting some sort of small dead animal or spider.  However, as I was approaching the spot it looked like it was moving.  As I got closer I pulled my phone out and started recording.  Watch the two I recorded below!

Here’s the other video.

These were recorded in two different areas of my yard.  When I realized they were ants and flying ants, I did what was necessary and chemical-bombed my yard.  The result of that is below!

Ok, so that’s obviously not real.  Why is my yard being over-run by these insects that appear to be ants?  Is it moisture?  Freshly cut grass?  Something underneath my yard?  I’m currently in the process of deciding which repellent and/or aunt killer to spray all over my yard.  Also, all of this started happening after my wife and I finished Stranger Things 4.  Vecna?