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I’m so happy this sad circumstance has the chance to have a happy ending for thousands of dogs.

Envigo is a dog breeding facility in Virginia. According to WSOC-TV, they are being sued over their animal welfare concerns. Dogs there were getting poor medical care, lack of food, and worse.

Envigo and the Humane Society of the US have reached an agreement where they will transfer ownership of over 4,000 beagles to local shelters, so they may have the chance to be adopted.

According to WSOC-TV, Envigo will pay the Humane Society $100 for each dog and $150 for each nursing mother and litter at the time of transfer.

The way these animals were treated absolutely breaks my heart, but knowing they are on their way to a better home, and living situation gives me hope.

This is why it’s always super important to do your research when you are looking at getting a pet. You want to research the place you are getting them from, whether it’s a breeder, or a shelter, to make sure you aren’t supporting a company with bad values.