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When first moving to Charlotte, North Carolina site unseen, we immediately noticed the red clay. Cecil soil is found in the slopes in Piedmont region. That type of soil is perfect for growing corn crops, tobacco and cotton. Cecil clay contains of decomposed granite and quartz living south of of the Raleigh Durham area. Red soil has contains iron oxide which gives it a red tint. Farmers will use lime to raise the pH and will add a few minerals. Red soil can be found in areas of the southeast including Georgia. North Carolina has over 1 million acres of organic soils found in the tidewaters in coastal regions. Some types of clay are more alkaline, and gypsum is a fine additive in those soils.

As a kid did you eat dirt? Yes, some people have a practice of eating dirt, known as geophagy. When researching you’ll see that eating dirt dates back more than 2000 years.¬†Eating dirt for long periods of time can increase risk for a number of problems, including:¬†parasites or consumption of heavy metals.¬†Another type of soil found in Coastal Plain region of North Carolina is a loose sandy and gray. Sandhill soil is bleached white with underlying layers ranging in color from brown to reddish-brown. Organic soils are popular in wetlands of marshes, swamps and bogs that is murky in color. More sources can be found about dirt on Healthline.

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