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The “He’s a 10” or “She’s a 10” game has been all over Tik Tok for the last few weeks.  It’s a game you play with friends where you say “He’s a 10” or “She’s a 10” then name a bad thing about them.  You then give them a new ranking.  For example, “He’s a 10, but always wears cargo shorts.”  You can then give him a lower ranking.  Or, you can say “He’s a 6 but rescues homeless puppies on a daily basis.”  You then might feel like he deserves a higher ranking.  Either way, it’s fun to play whether it’s a girls night or guys night.  Check it out below!


the end proved our point #socal #fyp #findhim #whosisthismans @lucyyyyylouuuu @maryland_w

♬ original sound - Leah Woods