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The new minions movie, Minions: The Rise Of Gru, is currently in theaters, and you may have noticed strange trend online.

Moviegoers are dressing up in suits to go watch the movie. And if you’re not sure what sparked this bizarre trend, you’re not alone.

The trend started with a viral vide on TikTok. Teenagers were seen dressing up in suits, and acting like Gru, the lead character in the Minions movies. I think the idea of dressing up to the movie is cute, but it seems some groups are taking it too far; clapping through the entire movie, and causing a distraction. It’s become known as the #GentleMinions movement.

Some theaters have even cancelled screenings or refused entry to students wearing suits because of the bad behavior.

Whether this is Gen Z’s way of showing support, or making fun of the movies… I’m not quite sure but I know the movie producers are laughing all the way to the bank!



I think the idea of dressing up is quite cute, but causing a disturbance is never okay; especially in movie theaters these days! Some people will always take a fun idea just a bit too far! But if you see someone wearing a suit, walking into the theaters, you now know what to expect!