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If you are someone who suffers from anxiety, you know it can unexpectedly hit at any moment and when it does it can leave you feeling helpless. Well, some people are getting the help they need simply by going to their fingers, thanks to something called an anxiety ring, or fidget ring.

Such rings act sort of like portable fidget spinners but her less conspicuous and can be worn just like everyday jewelry on the finger. One such ring simply looks like a silver band with pearls that move around, which allows people with anxiety, who may not be able to sit still, to get some of that motion out by moving parts of the ring. It’s especially good for times when you simply can’t get up, like say in a meeting or other group setting which requires you to sit still.

And not only will it help those with anxiety release some energy, but it also helps keep them distracted, which is good for those who suffer from body-focused repetitive behaviors, like, say nail-biting. And being on your finger makes it quickly accessible.

“It’s riding out the urge,” Debra Kissen, clinical director of Light On Anxiety, a treatment center in Chicago, tells ‘Today.” “It gives you a little bit of time to try to control your next move.” But she stresses that a ring is probably not the only solution someone with anxiety needs. She notes, “If you’re feeling stressed enough or anxious enough that you want to buy a ring, chances are there might be another thing that you can do that gives you a more holistic approach to helping you experience less stress.”