STAFFORD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 06: A police cordon surrounds the scene of a house fire in Sycamore Lane, Stafford, which claimed the lives of four children yesterday, on February 06, 2019 in Stafford, England. Police have named the four children who died as Keegan Unitt, aged 6, Tilly Unitt, 4, Olly Unitt, 3, and their older brother Riley Holt, 8. Two adults and another child are being treated in hospital.

Talk about a nightmare. One petting zoo in North Carolina is dealing with a cruel act of animal poisoning. Sprinkle’s Mobile Petting Zoo reports that three mini horses and a donkey have been poisoned at their location.

What Happened?

According to ABC 13 News, the three mini horses are dead after being exposed to poison in Rutherford County. Officials report that Wednesday, June 29th a fence and outdoor cameras were getting installed at the zoo. These extra security measures come following the death of three horses. ABC 13 News reports that the owners believe the animals were exposed either June 23 or June 24 by trespassers. “They eat out of your hands, they trust humans with everything they have they’ll just come up to you and show you love that’s the first thing they want to do is just come up to you,” Sprinkle said to ABC 13 news. “It’s very heartbreaking. It’s hard to believe that someone could actually do that to an animal.”

Animal Control was called following the incident, say officials. Since then, the investigation is now in the hands of the local sheriff’s office. According to animal control, each charge of animal cruelty can be punishable by up to a $1,500 fine or nearly a year in jail. Sprinkle’s Mobile Petting Zoo owners worry about what is next for their farm. Wondering if trespassers will return for other animals is their concern.

On the other hand, the donkey remains in critical condition. Sprinkle’s owner says there is a “50-50 chance” of the donkey surviving the poisoning, according to ABC 13. The donkey is back home and receiving medication around the clock from the family. The mobile petting zoo is the way of life for the family and they hope to return to work soon. The family has a Go Fund Me for the vet bills for their animals. The poisoning remains under investigation.

Source: ABC 13 News