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According to New York Post, there is a new study conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Guitar Center surveyed 2,000 Americans found that 82% of parents think it’s important that their child learn to play an instrument — although the recorder was not their No. 1 pick. The instrument 18% of parents most want to hear being practiced in their home is the piano. However, the surprising Number 2 pick, according to 17% of respondents, is — drumroll, please — the dulcet tones of the drum, followed closely by the violin (16%).

Rounding out the top instruments parents want kids to learn are the Electric guitar: 15%  and the Acoustic guitar: 14%. During the pandemic Producer Nicole set out to do something constructive and bought herself a guitar from amazon. She was determined to learn to play and taught herself using youtube lessons.

She’s not bad… but she’s not great yet either. Playing an instrument doesn’t just happen overnight, so  if you’ve got a student starting to learn a new instrument, give them time.

Link: New York Post