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No matter how many books you read, or how much advice you get, there are some strange things about parenting that moms and dads have to learn for themselves.

Well, now parents are sharing those strange things they’ve learned after someone on Reddit posed the question, “Women, what is one strange thing about parenting?”

Some of their responses include: “You sneak around after they go to bed & it’s almost like when you were a teenager trying not to wake up your parents .. only now you’re the parents .. life is so strange.” Another said, “Your toddler is going to see your naked body and make remarks about it that will humble you.”

And finally, someone else said “Seeing aspects of yourself that you don’t particularly like show up in your kid full force.” I struggle with this one a lot! My son Jaxson is so stubborn and he gets that from me. I see it daily!

Source: Reddit

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Source: Reddit