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When you hear the words juice detox you’re probably like me and want to cringe.

Producer Nicole Blog

I recently saw a commercial on television that was promoting TikTok and all of the things you can learn from the app. They advertised a specific hashtag: #TikTokTaughtMe. This was hilarious to me because, like many, a lot of the things I use or implement these days are things I saw on TikTok. My weekly cleaning routine is thanks to TikTok. A lot of recipes I now cook are thanks to TikTok. Enrichment ideas for my dogs are thanks to TikTok. You get the point. TikTok is great for certain things. It’s also where I came across this juice detox. I’m no stranger to cleanses or juicing. I have done a couple of one-day juice cleanses that typically come with six juices that you have throughout the day and you can accompany that with water but no food. Most of these juices have vegetables in them. While I have done one-day cleanses before, I have never done more than that because one day was hard enough with no food.

My girlfriend and I are fairly active and live a fairly healthy lifestyle. We cook at home more than we eat out, and we go to the gym more than we party, but that doesn’t mean we’re healthy all of the time. Life happens and we’re both trying to do a better job of being in tune with our bodies. After seeing the above TikTok and reading good reviews after good reviews, we decided to give it a try. We bought them from Publix. The juice detox was $16.99 a gallon (you need two) but sometimes Publix has them on sale; 2 for $25.00. We read in the comments that they also sell them at Whole Foods.

The two days that we decided to do this juice detox were Sunday and Monday. The first day went well and I could tell that I didn’t have a true appetite, it was just my mind telling me I’m hungry because I’m so used to eating several times during the day. The first day we both peed…a lot. Like, a lot a lot. The company suggests you also drink water, so on both days, we both ended up drinking about a gallon of water in addition to the gallon of juice. We went to bed on the first day feeling good, we both had lots of energy throughout the day.

Day two was a lot easier than day one for both of us. I woke up feeling very energized and very alert. I normally have breakfast every morning while at work and lunch every day when I get home from work – but did not even crave food because I felt nourished.

When it was all said and done, we both were down 8 pounds. It’s important to know that this isn’t real weight. While doing this cleanse, you’re not losing pounds of fat. Instead, you’re losing the toxins that are in your body. This is not the answer to all of your weight loss problems but it is a great start. Our goal in doing this was to kickstart healthier habits and rid our bodies of toxins from cheat meals and alcohol over the past several months.

I will definitely be incorporating this into my life again! In fact, with the 4th of July weekend coming up…we plan on doing this again next week! This time we will probably only do one gallon in one day instead of two gallons in two days.

If you have any questions or try this…feel free to let me know or ask me! @_NicoleWeaver on Instagram 🙂