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It’s crazy to me that Charlotte got left off this list…

Lots of Americans love barbecue, and certain parts of the country specialize in certain types of barbecue, but where you can get the best barbecue is certainly up for debate.

Well, the lawn care company LawnStarter is sharing their opinion on the best barbecue in the U.S. They just came out with their list of the Best Barbecue Cities.

They based their findings on 14 hallmarks of good barbecue including Award-winning barbecue restaurants and chefs, experience hosting a “master-level” competition, multiple barbecue festivals, high fan ratings, and more.

With that in mind, Kansas City, Missouri tops the list as the best barbecue city, scoring a 60.14. Kansas City lands at one for quality, and three for events, although it ranks 83 for accessibility.

Chicago, Houston, Cincinnati, and Memphis round out the top 5 cities!

Source: LawnStarter

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