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Of course, Roy’s life still needs producing!

In case you missed it, Roy left the show a couple of weeks ago to do what was best for his family. His fiance had to move to Cincinnati, Ohio for work and they made the decision it was best for Roy to go with him. The three of us miss him dearly, and hope that this isn’t the end of “The Maney, Roy & LauRen Morning Show.”

Moving, in general, is tough, but moving from one state to another can be even more difficult. Roy sold his car, sold his house, and got everything moved out of Charlotte and into their new house but in true Roy fashion…something is bound to go wrong.

Producer Nicole Blog

So what went wrong? Last Wednesday afternoon I get a phone call from our boy Roy. Come to find out they had just moved in and had a service scheduled for last Saturday to install a thermostat. Great! No problem, right? Well…the problem is he ordered the thermostat and it got sent to his Charlotte address, not his new address! He asked if I could go pick it up and overnight it to him which was no problem at all. When I got to his old Charlotte house, turns out there was more than one package. There was a set of junior cornhole boards! If you know anything about cornhole then you know that’s no small package. When I sent him a picture of everything he was so confused- he had no idea that he and his fiance ordered those! The whole story was a classic Roy story that had us missing him extra bad! He ended up getting all of his packages and hopefully has changed his address on certain websites! But of course…once a Producer, always a Producer!