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Who should pick up the check on a date is still a hotly debated issue and a couple on TikTok are living proof. According to The NY Post, a video posted by a user who goes by @Alaska.Gurl shows her wrapping up a dinner date at Applebee’s with a guy as the server brings their bill to the table … on separate checks.

In the cringey clip, Alaska.Gurl asks her date, “You’re really going to make me pay?” And he crudely asks, “Are you going to give me some a**?” referring to whether she’s going to have sex with him if he buys dinner. She responds with a big, “No!” and he then hands her the check for her dinner, totaling $42.74. Things only get worse from there, with her telling him, “F**k you” and him hitting back with, “See? That’s your problem. You don’t want to.”

As if that’s not bad enough, he then asks, “Hey, how do you plan on getting home?,” suggesting he wouldn’t be driving her since she was standing her ground about not having sex with him. When she insisted he was taking her home, he responded by asking if she had gas money. At this point, Alaska.Gurl zooms in on the face of her date, who’s wearing a Looney Tunes t-shirt, and tells viewers, “You guys, he’s making me pay for my food, because I won’t have sex with him. That’s a sad shame.”

And based on the comments section, a lot of people are taking his side on this one:

“King! Men aren’t obligated to pay for y’all,” writes one user. “You ate it, you pay for it!! Unless he offered to pay first.”

But some folks are on her side, like one who writes, “I’m sorry, but as a man when you ask a woman out, you pay.”

Source: NY Post

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