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When you spend so much money for college tuition parents probably expect their kids will be taking classes that will help them with their future careers, but that’s not always the case.  Many colleges offer some interesting, and certainly out of the ordinary classes, that may leave some wondering why they are paying money for it?

One of our producers has a friend who lied about their major altogether! The woman was afraid her parents wouldn’t approve of her declared major and they would stop paying for her college so she just told them she was a computer science major when she was really studying illustration!

Now, I know some colleges have crazy classes like Introduction to Surfing. Pepperdine University teaches the one-credit course which teaches general understanding of surfing and ocean safety. Not surprisingly, the course tends to “fill almost instantly when registration begins.” However, I had NO idea people were lying about their majors! I mean, Maney use to do it but that was for a whole other reason altogether!

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