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The Summer is here, and many American’s are planning to travel. Whether you are traveling with family, or friends, you’ll need entertainment!

Yes, we love music, and of course we will keep you company anywhere you’re traveling with the Kiss 95.1 App, but if you want a little more bonding time, here are some great road trip car games you can play!

The Alphabet Game

  • In this game, players attempt to find words starting with every letter of the alphabet, going in order from A to Z. You can use billboards, road signs, branded trucks, restaurant names, and more.

While You Were Sleeping

  • If you have a sleepy traveler, wait for them to fall asleep, then once they do, the awake passengers must create a story. Each awake passenger takes turns adding to the story. Once the sleepy passengers wakes up, try to convince them of the story to win.

21 Questions

  • One person will think of something. The rest of the car will begin asking questions to the person. You can’t repeat a question once it is asked. Whoever guesses what the person is thinking about gets to start the next round.

The Name Game

  • Start with the name of anyone famous. The next person must then sat a person whose first name starts with the letter of the previous name. If somebody mentions a person where both the first and last name start with the same letter, the game reverses in order.

Cows On My Side

  • When you see a cow on your side of the road, you have to yell, “Cows on my side!” Every time you call a cow, you get a point. If you see cows on the other side you say, “Cows on your side!” If you call, “Cows on your side,” before the person sees them, you steal a point. If anyone sees a cemetery they scream, “Ghost cow,” stealing all the other side’s points