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I love my husband but lord, does he always have to be right? Dallas and I were sitting at the pool together when I asked him to put up our umbrella because I didn’t want any more sun. As Dallas tried to open the umbrella I could see the pole bending and struggling to open.

I told him to leave it, and I would ask the attendant. He of course refused and continued to push the umbrella open. As I rolled my eyes, I said ” you’re going to break it!” and with that, the umbrella flew open. Which is great, except one of the arms (which must have been stuck under the canopy) was dangling downward while all the others stuck out right where they should be.

“There!” Dallas exclaimed, “It’s open!” The pure look of shock on my face must have snapped him back to reality because a moment later he looked embarrassed but stuck with his story. I said, “Dallas you broke it!”. He replied, “I did not. It’s fine! ”

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