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When eating out in Charlotte, how could you pick just one restaurant to call the best? Charlotte has so many restaurants. So many that it feels like you could eat at a new place each day and it would take you years to get through them all! I always struggle to pick just one place to bring people to when my family visits from Raleigh or Myrtle Beach.

Well, made that struggle a lot easier for people. Have you ever wondered what the top restaurant in Charlotte is? The answer is Viva Chicken!

2022 Top Restaurants

The new report from found the top restaurant in every major U.S. city in 2022. Using data from Yelp and Google, more than 1,200 restaurants were analyzed to find the most popular restaurant in each area. The report includes a survey on America’s current preferences for restaurants and they found that 77% of people prefer to eat at local spots! The report also breaks down how they find restaurants, how often they eat from there, and whether or not inflation is impacting eating-out habits.

Producer Nicole Blog

I personally have never eaten at Viva Chicken, but my girlfriend absolutely raves about it. I’m thinking after this I’m going to have to give it a try! Stay tuned…I’ll let you know how I like it!

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