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Date or Dump

If you are new to listening to The Maney, Roy, & LauRen Morning Show then welcome to one of our most listened to segments…date ’em or dump ’em.

This segment airs live at 8 am on Wednesdays. We typically like to call Wednesday “Worst Date Wednesday,” so we figured it would work out perfectly. The concept of the segment is a listener reaches out to get our advice on whether they should continue dating the person or dump the person. These listeners usually reach out after they’ve already been on a few dates and the first set of red flags start to present themselves.

This Wednesday, Holly reached out with concerns about Luke. Holly has been on several dates with him and really likes him and enjoys spending time with him. The red flag that presented itself to Holly is that Luke seems to be a little too close with his sister. Typically that’s a good thing, right? Being close with your siblings could mean strong family ties and good values but Holly doesn’t think that’s the case.

Holly started hearing Luke talk about his sister before they even went on their first date. So right from the jump, not too much of a red flag. What started to weird her out is how on every single date the two have been on…he has ended up FaceTiming his sister while on the date. The two of them have been sitting at the dinner table, inside a restaurant, when bam…he whips out his phone and calls his sister to chat about things the two of them are talking about. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure she felt included. The straw that broke the camel’s back is when a joke was said, he thought it was a good joke so he called his sister to tell her the joke.

So now Holly has put her date fate in our hands. Should she date Luke or should she dump him?



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