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If you have ever had a person (or animal) ruin your event then I bet you will feel for this bride.

According to the New York Post, a “miserable” neighbor — dubbed a “Karen” — seemed to purposefully “ruin” a wedding across the street, droning out the bride with a lawnmower as she walked down the aisle.

In fact, the whirring during her lawn mowing session was so noisy that it even disturbed the couple’s vows so the audience couldn’t hear them.

The clip, which garnered more than 293,000 views on TikTok, has sparked outrage in the comments.

You know I was at an oceanfront wedding in Fort Lauderdale where someone was sitting on the intercoastal on their boat blasting ACDC in front of the ceremony. It was so loud one of the groomsmen jumped on a jet ski and went out to ask the owner to turn down the music. So I personally feel for this couple!

Link: New York Post

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