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I vividly remember being in my early 20s and not wanting children so I respect people’s wishes but I also know that things do change as you get older. So I am not sure why this bothers other Millennials the way that it does.

A recent survey of more than 1,000 Gen Zers by Forbesfound that the younger gen is planning to postpone childbirth or have less children than Millennials. The primary reason as to why not? Because they like the flexibility their lives have from not having kids. According to the survey:

  • 70% don’t want to have children because they value their alone time
  • 71% said passion projects would be just as fulfilling as having kids
  • 67% said work is fulfilling enough
  • 80% said prioritizing self-care can be just as fulfilling
  • 97% said positive mental health is their second most important life goal
  • 64% said they don’t want kids to protect their mental health

When it comes to Gen Z working moms, they aren’t sure they want more kids with 27% of them saying so, compared to just 22% of millennials. Another study found that 40% of Gen Z feel frustrated and do want to have both a career and motherhood, but will need a new arrangement at work to make it work.

Source: Forbes

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