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What is it about weddings that seems to bring out bad behavior in some folks? It’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of the couple’s lives, but sometimes their guests can get in the way of that joy. And that’s why one woman took it upon herself to set some unruly men straight at her friend’s wedding.

In a post to the “TwoXChromosomes” section of Reddit, she writes that after the ceremony, a bunch of married men started yelling things like “marriage is horrible!” and “Now the suffering begins!” at the couple. After she’d heard enough of their “pathetic” comments and jokes, she was livid, so she “told the a-holes off.”

The woman writes that she went over to them and started talking super loudly over them, saying, “Yes, you poor things! Your wives must treat you so poorly, probably beating you up and cheating on you day-in and day-out!” She continued teasing them, telling them, “too bad you can’t just leave if you’re so unhappy.” The guys rushed to clarify that she was wrong, but it got them to stop their anti-marriage comments, so her job was done. And later that evening, the groom came over to thank her for shutting the unruly guests up. Redditors also took to the comments section to praise the woman for her actions:

“Way to go! I hate ball and chain jokes at weddings,” writes one user.

“You are the daily hero so many women need,” comments another.

“Great job,” posts a third. “People are so willing to share their loathing, even at the most inopportune time.”

Source: Reddit

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