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There’s a viral TikTok from themodernnonna regarding a twist on a Cobb salad that claims actress Jennifer Aniston ate on the set of “Friends” every day for 10 years, but Aniston wants to set the record straight. She DID eat A salad, but not the one that’s gone viral.

The TikTok version includes quinoa, diced cucumber, chopped pistachios, diced red onion, mint, parsley and crumbled feta dressed in lemon juice and olive oil and topped off with an entire can of chickpeas.

Jennifer notes that the chickpeas wouldn’t have worked for her because “it’s not good for the digestive tract.” And to finally set the record straight, she told People back in 2020 that her “perfect salad” consisted of bulgur, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, feta cheese, pistachios and garbanzo beans.

Well, even if it’s not Jennifer’s favorite salad it still sounds AMAZING … so here is the recipe!

Source: People

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