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A parent has turned to Reddits “Am I the a-hole” section to ask if they were in the wrong for what went down at a kid’s birthday party recently. It all started when their three-year-old daughter was invited to a preschool classmate’s birthday party at an indoor playground. After arriving 10 minutes late because they got lost, the birthday boy’s mom was “clearly irritated” with their tardiness and things only went downhill from there.

As the toddlers all ran off to play, Birthday Boy’s Mom got annoyed because she wanted to organize a group photo shoot with the kids. She also had a strict schedule for guests to follow, which included another photo shoot before every ride. By the time they got around to cutting the cake, these kids were worn out from all the wrangling and posing for pictures and since these are three-year-olds we’re talking about, that’s when the meltdowns began.

The party guest’s parent thought they better get their kid out of there before they ruined the party with another meltdown, but as they were getting ready to go, other kids also wanted to make their exit. The parent writes that they tried to leave quietly, but their daughter’s friends saw and then also “demanded to leave.” As a result, several families left at once, effectively cutting the party short by 30 minutes. Birthday Boy’s mom was “obviously” upset with them for “triggering the snowball effect,” but the parent says they felt the party was “stressful” and “not fun at all” and their kid felt the same.

So they ask Reddit if they were wrong here and pretty much everyone backs them up for knowing when it was time to go. “You left to stop a meltdown,” a Redditor writes. “Your kid’s emotional needs come before a Pinterest mom’s photo shoot.”

Source: Reddit

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