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If employers thought theĀ  Great Resignation was easing up for their professionals, it looks like they are mistaken. In fact, a new survey reveals there are still plenty of workers looking to make an employment change this year.

A new Robert Half poll finds that 41% of workers admit they are looking for, or plan to look for a new job in the second half of the year. 88% of those employees feel confident that their skill set and marketability can get them a new job.

The employees most likely looking for a new gig include:

  • 25- to 40- year olds (53%)
  • Technology professionals (52%)
  • Working parents (50%)
  • Employees who have been with their company for 5-9 years (49%)

So why are so many still looking for new work? Well, the main reasons folks are looking for a new gig include:

  • A salary boost (65%)
  • Greater opportunities for advancement (39%)
  • A career change after experiencing burnout (34%)

Of those looking for a change, 55% are interested in a hybrid working environment, while 54% want to be fully remote. And it is pretty apparent most employees are moving on to bigger and better things. The poll finds only 10% of workers who have been at their current job a year or less regret resigning from their previous gig.